Direct billing: the pros and cons for dental clinics

Direct billing: the pros and cons for dental clinics

Mar 1, 2024

What is direct billing?

Direct billing refers to the process where the dental clinic directly submits a claim to the patient's dental insurance provider for the services rendered. Instead of the patient paying the full cost upfront and then seeking reimbursement from their insurance company, the clinic handles the paperwork and billing directly with the provider, facilitating a smoother and more convenient experience for patients.

As of 2019 over 75% of Americans and more than 60% of Canadians held dental insurance either through employment-sponsored plans, private insurance, or government support plans. Still, direct billing is not mandated and it is up to the clinics themselves whether or not they offer it.

Should my clinic offer direct billing?

Whether or not your clinic accepts direct billing is completely at your discretion. However, before you decide to jump in or opt-out, it's important to consider its various advantages and disadvantages. What is right for one clinic may not work for another and there are many factors to consider when making the decision.

Advantages of offering direct billing to your dental patients

Better patient experiences

Direct billing simplifies the invoicing and payment process for patients. Less complicated processes= higher patient satisfaction, which means higher patient loyalty and more return visits.

Competitive advantage

Offering direct billing can set your clinic apart from your competition, attracting patients who seek convenience and ease of payment.

Better accessibility

Direct billing can make dental care more accessible for patients who otherwise may not be able to pay out of pocket and wait for reimbursement from their insurance provider due to financial restraints.

Disadvantages of offering direct billing

Administrative burden

Direct billing requires additional administrative work. Time that could be better used to focus on patient care is used to handle paperwork, verify coverage and do predeterminations, submit claims, and follow up on outstanding claims.

Delayed payments

Many insurance companies may have lengthy processing times or require additional documentation, leading to delays in receiving payment.

Rejected claims

There's a risk that insurance claims may be rejected or disputed, requiring additional time and effort to resolve discrepancies.

Pricing limitations

Direct billing may limit the clinic's ability to set prices independently, as reimbursement rates are often determined by negotiated agreements with insurance companies.

Considerations for clinics contemplating direct billing

As mentioned, direct billing can be a great way to attract and retain patients for a higher lifetime patient value but for some clinics, it can be more trouble than it's worth. If your clinic is on the fence about offering direct billing, consider the following and ask yourself these questions before you decide:

Patient Demographics

Assess the demographics of your patients. Determine the proportion of patients who have dental coverage. What is the average family size and the average salary? Can your demographic afford to pay out of pocket?


Consider the competitive landscape. Research what payment options other clinics in your area are offering. Would offering direct billing give you a competitive advantage? Would not offering direct billing put you at a disadvantage against other clinics?

Administrative capacity

Evaluate your staffing support and capacity. Determine if your clinic has the resources and infrastructure to handle the extra admin tasks associated with direct billing. Can your existing staff handle the extra work? Will you need to hire more employees?

Financial implications

Consider the potential costs of offering direct billing. Can your clinic afford the administrative costs? Can your financial obligations wait for reimbursement? What could be the potential revenue increase?

Answering these questions will help you determine if offering direct billing is a good choice for your clinic. Where competition is high and patient acquisition costs are huge, knowing what your clinic is capable of offering to improve patient experiences can be the difference between a thriving practice and closed doors.

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